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Welcome to my blog. From time to time I will discuss different back-story elements that will help explain the story that is told on the screen. I will cover many subjects that will shed light on the movie and perhaps motivate you to watch it again.

There is one part of The Sound of the Spirit back-story that is touched on in an early scene. It goes by quickly, and some may miss its significance. A meeting is being held to plan a visit to the synagogue by an anti-missionary (a subject in itself for a future blog post). An older man proclaims, “All through Jewish history they’ve tried to convert Jews into Christians, sometimes with violence, other times more subtly. If they had succeeded, there would be no Jewish people today”. This man is speaking out of a genuine pain that proceeds from a long history.

One of the sad ironies of the last two thousand years is that Paul’s plea for Gentile believers to provoke Jewish people to jealousy by their love (in Romans 11:14) has all too often been replaced by just plain old-fashioned provoking. Anti-Semitic hatred has replaced love, and judgment has replaced mercy. In a future blog post I will discuss in some detail the church doctrine of Replacement Theology that fueled much of this hatred. Suffice it to say here that one can only imagine the names this old man may have been called as a child. Perhaps he never experienced love from a Christian. I was told by a Christian friend just the other day that when she mentioned to a holocaust survivor in the Ukraine that she loved her, the response was, “I was never told that by a Christian before”.

The fear this man expresses, that if Jews respond to the message of Jesus then they will disappear as a people, is very real. That is one reason why it’s so important for Jewish believers to know that they can keep their full Jewish identity.  It’s an option that did not exist when this man was younger. The reason this is so is also a subject for another blog post.


  1. daniel whyman

    Rabbi Wolf,

    I hope your blog is still active.

    I am a 62 year old jewish believer and have been since 1976.

    I have experienced everything the entire gamut of what you describe above first hand.

    From listening to some evangelists and pastors and teachers joke about, embellish and put down the jews ( like John MacArthur) to listening in person to Rav Tovia Singer ( Im sure you heard of him)who spoke lashon hara about the “country bumpkin” apostles like Peter and John. Im often torn inside.

    While a steadfast believer, I myself drawn to Torah as I get older and I enjoy orthodox teaching and the Chumash.

    I have stopped proselytizing jews years ago unless asked by a fellow jew as I believe what Romans says that the jews, at least most jews,have been blinded by the will of God and in a stupor.

    Anyway I saw your film and it is most realistic. Congratulations.

    • Michael Wolf


      Thank you for your comments. I do believe this is the day of Hosea 3:4-5. There is something exciting happening in the Jewish community, and my experience with Yeshua is just one example of this. The movie tells the story of our experience, and I’m so glad you identified with things in it.

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